New Zealand NF (FdlC12): The Sound Of Music

New Zealand NF, FDLC 12 poster
The Sound Of Music-logo, NF selection for New Zealand

A very warm welcome everybody to the wonderful city of Dunedin, New Zealand. We are live from the Forsyth Barr Stadium, where 6 acts will compete to represent New Zealand in Palermo. Your hosts tonight are: Keith Urban, Kimra & Sonny Bill Williams!

The current HoD as well as the New Zealand broadcaster have shortlisted six great songs they think can win the upcoming FdlC 12 in Italy. You will be able to listen to the six acts competing to win ‘The Sound Of Music’ below. Enjoy!

1. City of Souls – “Sleep”:

2. Brooke Fraser – “Kings & Queens”:

3. Ezra Vine – “Celeste”:

4. Gin Wigmore – “New Rush”:

5. Broods – “Mother & Father”:

6. Maya Payne – “Falling”:

I hope you guys enjoyed our National Final here in New Zealand and thank you very much for taking the time to listen to our songs! We have a special performance tonight from the wonderful Kiwi singer and violinist – Lindsey Stirling with a special “Lord of the Rings Medley” for you all.


The voting system is as follows, you will rank the six songs by giving them: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and finally 12 points for your favourite act of the evening. You can send your votes to the following email address:

The deadline to vote in “The Sound Of Music” is Sunday 27th March at 10:00 CET!

The official voting results will be revealed shortly afterward the deadline on this page, and a new winner will be crowned in the arena.

Thank you again to everyone for voting in our National Final, make sure that your fellow HoD do as well!  🙂


37 thoughts on “New Zealand NF (FdlC12): The Sound Of Music

  1. In fourth place in our Kiwi final is….

    Song 2: Brooke Fraser with the song “Kings & Queens”. This scored a total of 96 points, receiving one set of 12 points!


  2. We move on to the top 3 of the international jury. The third place in “The Sound of Music 2016″ goes to………..

    Song 6: Maya Payne with the song “Falling”. This song scored a total of 113 points, receiving 12 points from two different countries!


  3. Finally, the top two of the international jury has been revealed. In second place and runner-up in our contest is………………..

    Song 5: Broods with the song “Mother & Father”. It received a total of 114 points (one ahead of Maya!), receiving 12 points from four different countries!


  4. This means that the winner of “The Sound of Music 2016” is Ezra Vine with the song “Celeste” with a total of 123 points, receiving 12 points from five countries. Congratulations Ezra, you’re off to Palermo in Italy for the 12 edition of Fete de la Chanson!

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  5. I was not around. The eventual winner was 4th.

    My votes:

    5ts: Gin Wigmore – “New Rush”:

    6pts: Brooke Fraser – “Kings & Queens”

    7pts: Ezra Vine – “Celeste”

    8pts: Maya Payne – “Falling”

    10pts: City of Souls – “Sleep”

    12pts: Broods – “Mother & Father”


  6. Wow, the results were almost the same as my ranking!! The only difference is that I had Broods first and Ezra 2nd. It was a close call between them for me though, so still a great winner. 🙂
    Good luck New Zealand!


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